I often catch myself thinking about “there” although I’m not exactly sure where it is.

I’ll spend seconds, minutes, even hours thinking about a place that’s full of beauty, life, and enchantments.

A place where I find refuge and is full of character with its simplicity and serenity.

It’s a difficult situation to explain because there only exists in the words I put down on paper—in my mind.

Now, don’t get me wrong—where I am now, it feels good and pure, but I crave a place that truly feels like home.

I desire a place that’s only  a figment of my imagination. I long for the feeling of belonging that ceases to exist in my reality.

Someday I hope I finally find there though—beauty, life, enchantment, simplicity, serenity, home.

Someday I hope I find you.

One day.

– Evelyn Martinez