Beauty in Rhythm and Verbose

2017-01-03 01.41.30 1.jpg

This is my first post on my blog and what better way than to dedicate it to the beauty in music.

I recently got into record players and vinyl. Nowadays, music is easily obtained online through apps, but there’s something about having physical forms of music. You’re able to hold it in your hands, play it on a breath-taking apparatus, and listen to it flow from the turntable into your ears in waves of alluring words.

I sought refuge in music ever since I was young. It helped me forget about the hurtful past and the worrisome present. The genre of music I listened to changed as I changed, but I love it all the same. It was my form of catharsis.

Music, in all it’s different forms, never seems to judge, hurt, or disappoint and that is its beauty.



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